Areas of ReportingCounty by County

County Revenue Fund

All money that is raised by or on behalf of the county government is to be paid into the County Revenue Fund.

The money deposited in the County revenue account include disbursements from the national government, locally raised revenue, appropriations in aid, and loans advanced to the County. Donor funds also have to be declared.

The account is kept by the County Treasury. The CEC in charge of Finance in the County has to report to the Commission on Revenue Allocation and the Controller of Budget on the performance of the County Revenue Fund which is kept in the County Exchequer Account.

Any withdrawal from the revenue fund has to be approved by the Controller of Budget. The controller of budget checks whether the money requested is for a project contained in the work plans prepared by sectors every month. The project has to be contained in the budget.

For precisely formulated legal provisions about the County Exchequer Account and the County Revenue fund read Sec. 109 of the Public Finance Management Act, PFM Act

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