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County Treasury

The County Treasury is headed by the County Executive Committee Member of Finance (CEC Finance). It’s an entity comprising the CEC Finance, the Chief Officer of the county and the departments in the county responsible for finance and fiscal matters – with the CEC Finance as their head. Public Finance Management Act, PFMA Sec. 103

The County Treasury has many duties and functions. It is mentiones more than a hundred times in the Public Finance Management Act.

It has the duty to operate and monitor all financial matters of the county as listed Sec. 104 of the PFMA . It has the right to control and get complete information from every entity dealing with public funds in the county (Sec. 105) , and it is liable to report to the county assembly if anything in the budget gets out of track. (PFMA Sec. 108 (3) )

The office may even act in the name and in the power of the National Treasury, if asked to do so. (PFMA Sec. 106)

For reporting this means that the County Treasury is the main informant and interview partner for financial and fiscal matters in the county. In most cases this will mean: The CEC Member of Finance is your contact.

The treasury has also the duty to publish and publicise many pivotal documents on finance. Which means this office is obliged to give this information to you as the representative of the media and the public.

Not only the County Budget, but also funds under the jurisdiction of the county are under the control of the County Treasury.

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