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The Approved Budget

The proposed budget has to be approved  before June 30th to allow the County to spend money from the budget allocation in the new financial year.

The County Executive tables the proposed budget in the County Assembly by April 30th. The County Assembly first submits the proposed budget to the committee on Budget and Appropriation.

The committee checks the proposed budget for conformity to the ceilings approved in the CFSP. It also checks to ensure  programmes put up by the sectors in the proposed budget are contained in both the CIDP and ADP.

At this stage, the total budget and sector distribution is not changed, but funds are moved around between programs. (see PFM Act sec. 131 (3) (a) )

The committee further holds public hearings before preparing a report that is tabled in the House. Then the budget has to be approved before June 30th, one day before the beginning of the financial year.

Once approved, the Appropriations Bill is sent to the Governor for assent before it is finally gazetted.

The Approved County Budget Estimates must be published online by July 21 (within 21 days of being approved by the county assembly).

See Public Finance Management Act, section 125

The roles of the County Assembly in the budget making process include:

  • Approving the estimates
  • Enacting an appropriations law and any other laws required to implement the County governments budget.

Details of the procedures between County Executive and County Assembly in the later stage of budget formulation are to be found in PFM Act sec. 129 to 135.

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