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County Secretary

The Office of the County Secretary is the heartbeat of all operations by the Executive.

The County Secretary is the Head of the County Public Service and also the secretary to the County Executive Committee.

As Head of the public Service, the office holder is responsible for the coordination and smooth operation of all County departments.

He reports to the Governor to ensure all departments are performing their duties.

The County Secretary is the person to be put to task in the event of any lapses in operations at the County level.

He ensures all questions to the various departments are promptly responded to.

The County secretary ensures all departments generate quarterly implementation reports which he in turn channels to the County Assembly.

If reports from the Executive to the County Assembly are not flowing, the County Secretary is directly held responsible.

As Head of Public Service, he communicates and follows up to ensure County Executive resolutions are implemented.

In essence, the County Secretary is answerable for all operations of the County Executive. He is aware of operations in all departments.

How is the Office established?

Section 44 of the County Governments Act creates the office of the County Secretary.

44. Appointment of county secretary
(1) There is, established for each county, the office of the county secretary who shall be secretary to the county executive committee.

(2) The county secretary—
(a) shall be competitively sourced from amongst persons who are university graduates with at least ten years experience in administration and management;
(b) shall be nominated from persons competitively sourced under paragraph (a) by the governor and, with the approval of the county assembly, appointed by the governor; and
(c) may, subject to the conditions and terms of appointment, be dismissed by the governor.

(3) The county secretary shall—
(a) be the head of the county public service;
(b) be responsible for arranging the business, and keeping the minutes, of the county executive committee subject to the directions of the executive committee;
(c) convey the decisions of the county executive committee to the appropriate persons or authorities; and
(d) perform any other functions as directed by the county executive committee.

(4) The county secretary may resign from office by giving thirty days written notice to the governor.

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