ELOG confirms IEBC Presidential Tallying Results

The Elections Observations Group (ELOG) has released the results of its Parallel Vote Tabulation of the Kenyan Presidential Elections. They match with the official results of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). It is now up to the opposition to specify why they think the election was manipulated. Not in the database, but through the filled-out forms 34A, B, C that were also used for the ELOG study through their observers who were present at the polling stations.

As we have written in our guide “How to check on Rigging Claims“, Parallel Vote Tallying (PVT) is based on a large sample of polling stations from all over the country that is representative enough to forecast the result from the tallying of the total number of polling stations. We have only seen publication through social media but this is what we found on the ELOG website, and we uploaded the pdf file with the ELOG information here: ELOG-PVT_Verification-statement

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