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New Auditor General Reports – and how to interpret them

There are even more Auditor  General Reports on the Counties online by now. After the reports on the county governments those on the county assemblies have been added to the (see link below). For their interpretation: the reports of the Kenyan Auditor General mostly contain quite technical language that should be known by those who report on the content.

This seems not to be the case in many media. Just one example: Colleagues often write that money was “stolen”, “disappeared” or “embezzled” even if the Auditor General just wrote that the money was “unaccounted” for or that important documents and data on it were missing. Though this is very serious too we should be precise on what we see in the reports.
Therefore we have published a new page on RoGGKenya explaining the technical language in the reports.

Click here for the latest reports – they are the latest and contain a lot of easy-to-do stories for county journalists.
Please also look at our timeline for the Auditor General Reports –
the procedures are in many cases not met for the preceding reports of 2015/2016 – even more story opportunities for factual reporting.

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