CRECO – Constitution and Reform Education Consortium

CRECO Trust is a network of 23 civil society organizations in Kenya. These organizations belong to the broad human rights, governance and democracy category of NGOs founded in 1998. It is a culmination of a networking history dating as far back as 1992 with the exponential increase in NGOs involved in governance.

Focus of CRECO with regards to Good Governance in Kenya

CRECO envisions a just society and provides non partisan contribution and leadership in the human rights, constitutionalism, democratization and governance processes in Kenya. They promote respect and protection of human rights. They enhance civic engagement and provision of technical support to member CSOs. CRECO enjoys a unique position being one of the very few civil society organizations with strategic niche in democratization and civic engagement in Kenya.

The approval of the new Constitution in the August 4, 2010 referendum was a milestone in CRECO’s quest for constitutionalism and good governance in Kenya. The organisation has a five year Strategic Plan (2016-2020) which outlines development approach and priority programme areas in promoting implementation of the new constitution through advocacy, civic engagement, CSOs coordination and institutional strengthening.

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How will CRECO assist a journalist?
  1. Understand the role of civil society in the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and database of CSOs in Kenya
  2. provide general information on particular roles of citizens and institutions of governance in the implementation of Constitution of Kenya 2010.
  3. Update on preparations and citizen participation in the upcoming 2017 general elections in Kenya.
  4. Notify on the status of the implementation of Article 10 of the Constitution, national values and principles of governance.
  5. Provide information on devolution and public participation in Kenya.


What kind of information would CRECO like to get from journalists?
  1. Media engagement towards the upcoming 2017 general elections in Kenya.
  2. Database of journalists in Kenya
  3. Highlights of critical issues and agenda setting on the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, including Devolution.


CRECO contacts

P. O. Box: 2231 Nairobi 00200 City Square

Telephone: +254 722-209779



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