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Journalism hub Data and Privacy Policy


  1. For General Visits
    Journalism Hub East Africa does NOT analyze your visits on the site through google analytics or any other similar service. Therefore, the anonymous traces that your web browser leaves with us will remain on our hosting computer only and are not transferred to anywhere else.

For tracking purposes, we are using the software Matomo. Why? We want to know what people do on Journalism Hub website, if they find and visit all the pages, their click-paths through the site, what they were looking for when they came from a search engine, how long they stay etc. We want to know how we can design the site in the best way to serve the purpose it was made for. We DO NOT want to know however who the persons are that visited our site. And we DO NOT give the data to any other interested party.

Our analytic software Matomo is saving the following anonymous data on our server:
The IP address of the computer or mobile device used, its brand, operation system, browser and screen size, the date and time of the visit, the pages that were visited and the time the user of the device stayed on the pages, the files that were downloaded. If identifiable the software groups, these data with visits by the same device and browser from earlier times. It also records the links that you clicked on Journalism Hub and the link that you clicked to land on our site.

Journalism Hub is not using social media scripts that can follow your actions elsewhere on the web or identify you as an individual on our site or tell other sites that you have visited Journalism Hub.


  1. Special cases – Newsletter Subscriptions etc.

If you register with your name and other personal details on our site and/or for a service (like a newsletter or event), you will be asked to give us other personal data like your mail address, name, gender, occupation and company. Not all of the data are mandatory for getting the service. These data are kept to service you with the purpose that you will be informed of topics related to Journalism Hub. We will not use them for other purposes and will not give them to other individuals or parties. We will also not keep these data longer than needed. If you left personal data with us you will be provided with an opportunity to look them up and change or delete them or have them deleted or changed.

With newsletters we may include tracking code to gather statistical data about which newsletters and topics are of interest for our clients, the media workers in Kenya and east Africa. The code informs us about the links that are clicked within the newsletter. The data is not used to gather personal data about you, the individual.

For reasons of data safety our web hoster is keeping backups of the whole data of Journalism Hub for up to three months before automatically deleting it. Therefore, it may well be that your data are still present in a backup while deleted on the live site. We will not use the backups to retrieve or store deleted data except in the emergency which the backup is for.

For any questions or concerns, please write to info (at)

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