RoGGKenya – Reporting on Good Governance and Corruption in Kenya is a site for Kenyan journalists and bloggers.
A one-stop-shop for those who are interested in reporting on good governance and corruption. In Kenya, it is a good time for independent media to report on these issues because:

  • A huge majority of leaders in the country fully support the fight on corruption.
  • Kenya has been ranked very low on good governance. Corruption is high.
  • The laws and rules governing the country are very good (as a UN report recently said).

Reporting on Good Governance and corruption in counties and nationally should, ideally, be a daily routine for journalists. Their task should be to find where all the good laws and plans are being followed for the well being of the citizens of Kenya. Under the proposition of constructive journalism, positive results of the research are as welcome as the bad news that the public seem to be used to. And it does not have to entail a month long investigation which only few can afford to do.

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