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County Executive Committee

Article 179 of the Constitution states that the Executive authority of the County is vested in and exercised by a County Executive Committee.

The County Executive Committee consists of the Governor, the Deputy Governor and executive Committee Members appointed by the Governor.

The County Executive Committee is tasked with implementation and coordination of all development projects in the County.

Its also the arm that is charged with the overall enforcement of all the laws passed by the County Assembly.

For reporting, the County Executives Committee generates all development plans and budget, having considered public input before taking it to the County Assembly for approval.

The Executive Committee comes up with all the Budget documents before forwarding the same to the County Assembly for approval.

As originators of these documents and plans they have a duty under the constitution to make them public.

They have offices even in villages to ensure government policies, important documents and information reach the public.

Each department of the County has a County Executive Committee Member (County Minister) and an accounting officer referred to as the Chief Officer.

These two are responsible for implementing budgets for their sectors and departments as approved by the County Assembly.

They should respond to all audit inquiries directed to their departments.

The Members appointed to the County Executive committee shall not exceed a third of the number of members of the county assembly, if the assembly has less than 30 members or ten, if the assembly has thirty or more members.

Members of the County Executive committee are accountable to the County Governor for the performance of their functions and exercise of their powers.

If a vacancy arises in the office of the County Governor, the members of the county executive committee appointed cease to hold office.

The County Assembly performs Oversight over the County Executive Committee and has the powers to impeach both the Governor and Members of the County Executive Committee.

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