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County Governor

The Governor is both the political and Administrative Head of the County.

He is the one tasked with the overall responsibility of ensuring resources are prudently spent and the officers working for him follow the law in all operations.

The Governor is directly responsible to the Citizens for the development and growth of the County.

He ensures the County Executive Committee which he chairs works to ensure public resources are well spent on projects outlined in the County development plans.

The Governor comes up with his development vision which he oversees and appoints persons to work with him to ensure they are realized.

He has the free will to sack any Member of the County Executive for Gross misconduct, violation of the law or being unable to perform their duties.

The law allows him to appoint and dismiss Members of the County Executive and the County Secretary if they fail in discharging their duties.

Simply put, all procurement, development, planning and implementation of programmes squarely rest at the feet of the Governor.

That is why many Governors have so far been held personally liable for corruption cases in their counties leading to impeachment motions by the County Assemblies.

All the Executive Committee members are appointed by the Governor and they work for him. There is no decision taken on any matter without first going through the Executive committee, which the Governor chairs.

Article 179 of the Constitution states that the Executive authority of the County is vested in and exercised by a County Executive committee.

The County Executive committee consists of the Governor, the Deputy Governor and Members of the Executive Committee appointed by the Governor.

The Governor and the Deputy Governor are the Chief Executive Officer and Deputy chief executive Officer of the County respectively.

Article 181 of the Constitution outlines the grounds under which the County Governor may be removed from office.

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