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Sources for following up the CIDP

Primary Sources for Checking the CIDP follow-up

Do not just believe the responsible person if he or she tells you that the plans are on track. Ask them to provide you with the first hand information. First hand – that is a written information and eyesight. You are the press. Go after facts, not opinion.
You may check on it with primary written sources.

Ask for county budgets that cover the CIDP only, and the yearly and quarterly budget implementation reports. (here we have information about the yearly budget cycle). Do not forget that sector plans among other documents can show you what is happening.
Don’t worry about the number of documents. If you have a specific question and you know how to search with keywords within files it is not as time consuming as you may think. And it is fun to be at the forefront and be the first to analyze these documents.

And, of course, seeing is believing. Visit the project sites and visually confirm that they are in progress or have been completed. Like in Nakuru, where they were planning to spent 3 billion KES for the rehabilitation of six stadia:

Table in page 274 of the Nakuru CIDP 2013 - 17. Source:
Table in page 274 of the Nakuru CIDP (2013 – 17). Source:



And sometimes the written sources do lie. In Nakuru e.g. according to sports reporters it seems that the sports tournaments that were planned in the CIDP to happen were actually accounted for. (And the money was spent.) So on paper everything seems to be alright. But the football teams that were supposed to play in these tournaments do not know of any such thing. Therefore, you may ask those primary sources about the “forgotten” games. And from the published documents you should find who received the money that was budgeted for these tournaments. And therein you find a good investigative story to follow-up.

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