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Independent Commissions for Good Governance

Independent commissions established by the constitution have the task to ensure good governance in the respective fields which they are overseeing. We are listing some of them, later all.

Powers and Functions of the Commissions

In Chapter 15, Article 248, of the Constitution the independent commissions are established in order “to protect the sovereignty of the people, to secure the observance by all State organs of democratic values and principles; and promote constitutionalism.”
Unfortunately at times some of the commissions were in the centre of corruption scandals themselves.

Only for serious legal reasons can a member of such an independent commission be removed from office after a special tribunal upon recommendation of the National Assembly. Details are stipulated in Article 251 of the Constitution.

Other legal rules about the commission are laid down in  Art. 230. of the Constitution

Publication Requirements

All independent commissions and two independent offices (the Controller of Budget and the Auditor General) named in Chapter 15 of the Constitution may act independently and on its own initiative under the law according to Art. 252 of the Constitution. It is a body corporate which can sue and be sued – Constitution Art. 253. It shall submit yearly reports “as soon as practicable after each financial year,” and more rreports on requirement of the National Assembly, the Senate or the President (Art. 254 (1 and 2).  All these reports shall be published and publicized. (Art 254 (3) ).

You can request to get its official reports as a citizen or a journalist.

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