Dual Citizenship of a State Officer

Is holding sual citizenship as a Kenyan State Officer allowed? No! In Kenya a state officer may NOT have dual citizenship. This is unlawful and may warrant punishment as is provided for in Sec. 31 of the Leadership and Integrity Act. The law that also constitutes the code of conduct for all state officers.

We have an extra page on which public officers are regarded as state officers.

Penalties for State Officers holding Dual Citizenship
  • The state officer shall lose his/her position within 30 days – see Art. 78 (3) of the constitution.
  • A person who holds dual citizenship shall not take office before officially renouncing the other citizenship.
  • Upon conviction the penalty can be a fine of up to 500,000 KSh or imprisonment for a term of up to three years. (Sec. 47 of the Leadership and Integrity Act)

Note: The penalty is not “being forced to step down” but simply “lose his tenure”. Meaning, the State officer becomes one without any action if he does not renounce his other citizenship.

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