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Elections Regulations 2017

Detailed procedures that must be followed in the election process are laid down in the Elections Regulations, as required by the elections act. We at RoGGKenya had been anxiously waiting for the publication of the amended general regulations, but only the amendments were published in the Kenya Gazette, not a consolidated document that can be easily read. So we had to help ourselves.

We merged the two official documents: the regulations as of 2016 and the amendments of April 2017.

In the meantime, the entire country had been obliged, for months, to obey by the – unpublished – regulations. For journalists observing the election process, it is crucial to know these regulations and how the forms in the schedule look like.

Download our unofficial versions here:



They were uploaded on July 11, 2017. We have diligently compiled the documents but do not guarantee for accuracy. For official files visit (later – still unpublished by Aug. 9) or

For a step-by-step-guide on covering the elections, the counting and tallying see our step-by-step-guide in two parts. Part 1Part 2 

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