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How to pick a story from the CIDP

How to pick and pursue Stories for Follow-Up-Reporting from your CIDP (County Integrated Development Plan). Now that the first term of devolution is over, don’t forget about the first CIDP and try to find out what has been achieved and what hasn’t been achieved. Our download page will greatly help you with this.

Knowing what chapters are in the CIDP will greatly simplify this task. With the help of this page browse through the plan and get inspired.

With so many possible stories – why not follow your own interests? If you are interested in schools – pick the Early Childhood Education issue where your county is in charge. Are you the sports reporter? Go to that section of the CIDP.

How to proceed?
  1. Read about the main achievements and set backs in your sector of interest.
  2. Find out in the CIDP how, when and where these set backs are going to be rectified. Check also how much funding would be used for this purpose.
  3. Find out how the administration and politicians were planning to evaluate achievements.
  4. Do the research from the reports on what was accomplished
  5. Map your story out: Who is involved, what are the sources – especially the written reliable sources
  6. Focus and boil down to: How the story should be presented. This will influence how you do research and prepare. The report should fit into the formats that your medium allows you to publish.
  7. Do the interviews and publish Here is one example that makes the process clear – hopefully -it is from the 2013 to 2017 CIDP of Uasin Gishu:
    Fishery issues in Uasin Gishu county, a Follow-Up from the county’s CIDP
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