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The RoGGKenya Experts List

UPDATED Februray,02,2021! If you are working in the Kenyan media, start using our experts list.
These experts have consented to being called by journalists who seek information for their reports. We will add to the list as we gather more expert contacts and will sort them according to their fields of expertise.

To protect them from robots who collect mail addresses for spamming we have replaced the (at) in their email addresses with two hyphens. Abuses of this list might result in removing it from our pages. I you are an expert in a field covered by media and would like to offer your expertise to media, please write an email with your details¬† to editors — . We will contact you.

1. Dr. Kizzie Shako
Forensic Medical Specialist, Police Surgeon, Forensic and Pathology Services
Ministry of Health, National Police Service, Kenya, Ministry of Health, Division of Forensic and Pathology services
Email: kizzie.shako —
Topics covered
(a) Murder investigations
(b) Investigation of criminal and civil law case
(c) Gender Based Violence

2. Ayub Shaka
Senior Assistant, Director of Public Weather and Outreach Services
Ministry of Environment, natural Resources and Regional Development Authority Kenya Meteorological Department
Email: ayubshaka —
Topics covered
(b)Climate Change
(c) Floods
(d) Drought

3. Nelly Waweru
Prosecution Counsel
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Tel: 0720133725
Email: wawerunelly —
Topics covered
(a) Constitution
(b) Court process
(c) Participation of victims, witnesses, complainants and accused persons in the criminal justice system

4. Edna Ototo
Kenyatta University, PhD Medical Parasitology (Malaria research)
Email: ednaototo —
Topic covered
(a) Malaria
(b) Parasitic organisms
(C) Parasitic diseases

5. Dr. Richard Munang
United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP)
Africa Regional Climate Change Programme Coordinator
Email: richard.Munang —
Tel: 0714888918
Topics covered
(a)Climate change
(b)Energy Policy
(c) Food Security
(d) Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA)
(e) Climate resilience
(f) EBA-driven agriculture

6.Gabriel Grimsditch
United Nations Environment Programme · Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Unit
Email: gabriel.grimsditch —
Topics covered
(a) Coastal ecosystem (Coral reefs, Mangroves and seagrass)

7. Dr.Simon Kigondu
Secretary General – Kenya Medical Association Consultant Obstetrician Gynecologist
Kenya Hospital & Health Care
Physical Location: Hercules Healthcare, KMA Centre, 2nd Floor Suite 207, Mara Road, Upper Hill
Postal Address: will update
Telephone: 0722-339986
Email: simonkigondu —
Topics covered
(a) Reproductive Health
(b) Contraceptives
(c) Sexually Transmitted Infections
(d) Female reproductive systems and the breasts
(e) Maternal health

8.Dr. Geoffrey Mutuma
CEO/ consultant pathologist, Zambezi Hospital and founder of Kenya Cancer Registry
Topic covered
(a) Non-communicable Diseases
9.David Makumi
Vice Chairman NCD Alliance Kenya
Topics covered
(a) Non-communicable Diseases

10. Prof Kenneth Ngure
School of Public Health Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Tel: +254722362219
Email: k_ngure —
Topics covered
(a)HIV and AIDS research, prevention and treatment, Antiretroviral drugs and
Dapivirine Vaginal Ring

11. Steve Ogolla
Electoral Law and Governance Expert,
Principal Partner and Litigation Counsel at the Firm of STEVE OGOLLA ADVOCATES.
Tel: +254724146856
Email: steveogollaw —
Topics covered
(a) Electoral Law and Management
(b) Public Sector Institutional Strengthening and Accountability
(c) Devolution and Cooperative Governance
(d) Citizen Engagement in Governance
(e) Human Rights Protection

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