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Hints for Reporting on Budget Issues

When reporting on the County Budgets look out for the following:

  1. What are the priorities of the County as set out in the CIDP and Sectoral plans? Find out if the public was involved in the preparation of the CIDP and sectoral plans.
  2. Be keen on the Budget circle to know when to interrogate the various documents as soon as they are released. All budget documents are public.
  3. Be keen on the County Fiscal Strategy Paper (It sets out the ceilings of the various sectors and gives the priorities of the County).
  4. Look out for the CBROP (it is a scorecard of the previous financial year). Put the government to task on whether the projections and targets of the previous financial year were met.
  5. Follow up on the quarterly implementation reports of the various sectors. The reports paint a picture on whether the budget is being implemented as approved.
  6. Check out the adjustments the County Assembly makes both on the CFSP and the proposed budget and whether public input is put into consideration.
  7. Be keen whenever Supplementary Budgets are forwarded to the Assembly. They are avenues for diverting money to none core areas.
  8. Always look out for implementation reports released by the Controller of budget. They show how revenue is being collected and the absorption of funds by various sectors. They are hard to get. Keep demanding them and share them with your peers to team up for follow-up reports.
  9. Follow up and interrogate the Auditor General reports once they are tabled in the County Assembly. Highlight all areas that have audit queries and ensure you interrogate leaders of Institutions that have been mentioned.
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